Thursday, September 9, 2010


As you may recall from my black linen pants, button holes were somewhat problematic for me. Luckily Daniel (isn't he wonderful?) stumbled upon a bizarre presser foot, asked me what it was, and we discovered together that I had an automatic button hole foot. All I had to do was figure out how to use it... Turns out, all you need is a project and you can figure out anything (because you have to!). I found some great white swiss dot fabric in the stash I rescued from my mom and decided to make a great button down shirt and I had a pattern that I'd been itching to use (Simplicity 2501) since it comes with patterns for cup sizes A-D. I greatly appreciate someone else doing the adjusting!! I wasted no time diving into that project and made myself view B. Everything went very smoothly and I love my finished product! My only complaint would be the fact that you can see the facing so much through the shirt since it's so thin. Not sure how I should have done it instead? Regardless, I'm very happy with it and already wore it when I worked out of our corporate office in Chicago a couple weeks ago!

Pretty, pretty button holes!!

I also decided to thank Daniel for all of his support by actually making him something. I know, I'm as sweet as they come. I decided a shirt sounded far less daunting than pants, so I started with Simplicity 4760 view B for him. I've never thought of Daniel as anything but big. He's 6', average build, size 13 shoe. Obviously he's not a giant, but I'm 4'11", average build, size 6.5 shoe. When I can put someone else's shoes on over my shoes, they are huge in my head. Needless to say, I found it counter intuitive to be using the second smallest size pattern (he's a medium) for him, especially since my size 12/14 is frequently the biggest of the sizes grouped together.

Here's the nearly finished product. All I need to do is finish off the thread ends and tack down the facing at the shoulder seams and he's one shirt richer! Granted, it may be the only shirt he ever gets since he wasted no time dropping the "it looks a little country-western with those pointy things on the shoulders" even though he helped pick out the pattern...maybe he'll make it up to me by going to Hancocks with me this weekend :)

Again with the lovely button holes!!
The fabric looks a little grey here, but it is the dark green from the first picture.

Perhaps I can also guilt him into a photoshoot this weekend...

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