Sunday, May 2, 2010


As you can see, I treated myself to a much needed break from sewing/blogging. I needed to clear my mindset and get my positive sewing thoughts flowing again...and I can confidently say that I managed that. Of course, throwing a legal marriage ceremony in the mix definitely helped to keep me preoccupied (wife for 2 1/2 days now)!

I sat down today with the plan to start and complete my next project before leaving for dance and I managed to discover that I am, evidently, much more successful sans pattern. Today's project was the linen pants that convert into capris. I dragged out my store bought linen pants, traced all the "pieces" onto my fabric accounting for the extra necessary for seams, etc (keep in mind that the pants remained assembled, so this actually was quite a feat), and started cutting. I did fold my fabric over so I cut both front pieces at the same time and both back pieces at the same time, as well as the pockets. The pants have a button fly and a drawstring top, and I was admittedly momentarily stumped trying to workout the assembly so the fly would line up correctly, with extra fabric to reinforce where the buttons and button holes go. After some playing around and examining multiple different pair of pants, the light bulb lit up and I was unstoppable. There were a couple things that didn't go as planned (mainly because I got ahead of myself), but nothing that was truly a problem. For example, I had planned to sew the front pockets on to the two front pieces before assembling anything else so that they would be sewn into the side seams and the seam with the waistband...but I ended up forgetting the pockets until after I clearly had PANTS. Not a big deal though, I just sewed them on like that.

Everything was so smooth, effortless even. Maybe it's just because I was in a good mood, but I learned that I thoroughly enjoy working with linen. Not because it doesn't stretch and change shape on you, but that is nice. It has nothing to do with the fact that it isn't slippery, though I certainly don't mind that. The reason I absolutely love working with linen is actually one of the reasons most people are annoyed wearing it. It wrinkles so easily. It's kind of handy when you can crease the fabric with your fingers instead of trying to hold things in place (when you're too lazy to pin first) while pressing the fabric with the iron. That by itself made the patchwork type pockets and hem go exponentially more quickly. LOVE IT.

So there I am with pants that very nearly look like a finished product (I've been putting off adding the "capri" aspect until I can talk to Mom about making my seams in my pant legs look finished on the inside so they look nice when the pants are rolled), and I pull out some scrap fabric to unravel the mysteries of the button hole...all by myself. Well, that was the plan at least. I set the stitch to one of the button hole options (who knew there were like 5 options?!), and notice that the machine would like for me to use presser foot R. No problem, I think to myself. Grandma had a gallon Ziplock bag with presser foot upon presser foot. I unceremoniously upend the bag onto the floor and start sifting through...false excitement each time I glance at one of the two F presser feet, then the growing, sinking feeling of my fast-paced project coming to a screeching halt. No R anywhere to be found. Fully aware that I have made it so far relying solely upon myself, I reluctantly dial Mom for help, hoping that she'll tell me that the special presser foot is handy but not necessary. No luck there. Since it doesn't look like this is something I can just run out to the store and pick up, we did some quick brainstorming on how to fake it with the zigzag I have a zigzag presser foot? No time to look through to dance class!

So, I didn't quite achieve my goal today, but I was close! At one o'clock in the afternoon I sat down to being my impromptu linen pants/capris, and at quarter past seven I had a sharp looking pair of pants, only missing buttons and drawstring. All in all, I call myself redeemed.


  1. You're doing a great job! Go with your gut and don't second guess yourself. Obviously it's been working for you thus far. I'm glad to help reassure you, but you always seem to be able to figure things out on your own.
    Sometimes I wonder if you ask me to test my memory since I don't sew much these days:) When's the last time I've put in a zipper? Hmmm, so long ago that I can't remember. Probably in the neighborhood of 10 years. What do the different feet look like? Wow, thank God for the internet to look things up to refresh my memory. Too bad we live so far apart, I would be fun helping you in person.
    Love you:)

  2. How's the sewing coming along? It's been 6 days since your last post:)
    I can't wait to see your finished products.