Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lady Grey Sew Along

I am getting more and more antsy every time I think about starting the sew along, and even have a little countdown going in my head. It's almost here! I'm pretty sure I have everything I'll be needing for the project, with the exception of the button and I might have to buy more interfacing. Want to see my fabric choices?

For my outer I chose a medium brown stretch moleskin (loved the machine wash/machine dry aspect!). I ordered some stretch moleskin in bone to make a cover for our futon and loved the feel of it so much that I decided that's what I wanted to use. From there, I just had to choose the shade.

I really wanted to have a fun lining and had two on that I couldn't choose between. One was just so much fun that I ordered it even though I wasn't convinced it would match the outer, and the other was the pictured navy/floral satin charmeuse. I definitely like both, but this one was a little more tame than I was hoping for; ultimately it was decided that matching was the most important :)

This definitely won't end up a statement coat, but I thought it wise to play it safe on my first try...and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for one just yet anyway.

We start the muslin next week and I'm a little embarrassed to say this will be my first time making one. I always run head first into the project (which is probably why I have some adorable disappointments in my pile), but I am committed to following the rules 100% with this project!

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