Monday, April 19, 2010

Test Time

Since Daniel was in the studios tonight, I decided to take advantage of the quiet (or lack of an audience, I should say) and pulled out my first pattern. Gaucho pants. Well, it's actually a pattern for a simple a-line skirt that I'm going to modify into gaucho pants. I know, I know. Winging my first project probably isn't the best idea, but oh well. This seemed much less frightening than the real patterns I was finding!

So, I spread out the fabric and unfolded sheet after sheet of the pattern...and felt the panic rising. Which pattern was I doing? A...B...C...D...E...what's the difference between them? They all looked the same! After close examination, I decided it must have been C. Not that that helped all too much. As I tried to make sense of the directions for laying out the patterns to cut the fabric I came to the realization that this all somehow got much more difficult than I ever remember it being. Wrong side of the pattern here, right side there, this one is on the wrong side of the fabric AND the right side? Thank goodness Mom answered the phone! After listening to my nonsensical description of what I was looking at, she walked me through what I was supposed to do and why (always a big help in getting me to understand directions - do I focus too much on the big picture?), and I started cutting. Of course, after I finished, I noticed that I actually cut off part of the pattern for D and E, but I'm hoping that I'm short enough that those 4 extra inches would have been unnecessary anyway. Fingers are crossed there, otherwise I suppose there is more modifying in my future.

At this point, I have all 10 pieces cut, the skirt pieces pinned, the outside of the yoke portion pinned, and have no idea what to do from here. Logically it would seem that actually sewing would be the next step, but I think embracing the mystery that is the sewing machine is actually next in line. Once mastered, I'll be calling Mom again to have her explain this zipper nonsense!

Should I be panicking about the fact that I have no honeymoon clothes if this turns out to be a bust???

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