Monday, April 26, 2010

And Next Comes...

....another pair of gaucho pants. This was not a conscious decision by any means, but it has been decided nonetheless.

As I wrapped up my work day I flipped and flopped on what my next project would be. A skirt? That should be remarkably quick and easy. The linen pants that convert to capris? That would continue me down that freeing path of "letting loose." A repeat of the last? At least I wouldn't forget what I did the first time before I made the second pair. I just couldn't decide. Giving myself an excuse for procrastination (one of my fortes in life), I compiled a nice, organized list of everything I would need for the remainder of my projects. I even thought to add some white broadcloth to use for a liner on the white linen skirt. Thank you white linen pants for giving me that idea! I grabbed a jacket and headed out to my new favorite store!

Now, Hancock Fabrics is my favorite store
due only to the selection and general trouble I can get myself into wandering around alone. It certainly has nothing to do with timely service, as I've never gotten out of there without having to wait at least once for around 5 minutes. I don't mind so much because it somehow always appears to be poor timing on my part, and the employees are always busy helping someone...and because I can drool over all the fun fabrics and toys while I'm waiting. Tonight had its share of waiting and then some, so, about 45 minutes later I was leaving Hancock with everything I needed (sad, it looks like I won't be back for a while), but still no idea what I wanted to make.

In another effort to stall and also because I splurged and bought some sewing sheers (30% off!!), I decided I would just cut out the pieces for everything tonight while I watched some movies. I started Three to Tango on Netflix (I find it best to watch movies that require minimal brain power while I'm sewing), grabbed the ironing board, and started ironing the first piece of fabric in my pile. It was the gorgeous brown, lightweight cotton that I bought for my second pair of gauchos. After some confusingly mismatched pieces with my first pattern, I decided I should bump "accurate cutting" a little higher on the list of I pinned the pattern to the fabric before cutting. I don't know if it was the pinning or the new scissors, but this process was exponentially better than last time. Granted, they're still a little askew - was I always bad with scissors, Mom? - but they're recognizably matching pieces this go around. Unfortunately, increasing accuracy takes a serious toll on speed.

About two hours later (and a little ways in to Easy Virtue - not quite what I was expecting), I finished with the pieces for the gauchos and promptly decided that was enough cutting for one evening. See how easy decision making can be sometimes? Since I had the rest of the movie ahead of me, I sat down and pinned everything together so I'm ready to hit the ground running...tomorrow? Perhaps these will be a two night project?

And just to toot my own horn a little: not only was I a good girl because I pinned the pattern before cutting, but I also marked all those symbols for zippers, what makes the center seams, and even which pieces are front and which are back! I suspect this will go much more smoothly...

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