Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Long Awaited Beginning

I never had any desire to work in the corporate world; I always figured I’d hate it. Turns out I was right…

I grew up immersed in the arts – music primarily, but I had a finger in the visual as well as “crafty” arts. I guess you could say I’m a right-brained person whose left brain pokes in all the time with some OCD and anal retentive qualities. Searching for an outlet, I found myself contemplating sewing, figuring it would be a nice blend of the two for me.

Since follow through is difficult for me, I drew inspiration from the movie Julie & Julia and decided to give myself a goal and a deadline and write a blog! Of course, I’m not expecting quite the outcome she had (though I must say I wouldn’t mind!), just giving myself an escape from the daily grind of corporate life.

The Goal: Some cool, comfortable summer clothes – two pairs of gaucho pants, one pair of linen pants that convert to capris, an a-line skirt, and a trumpet skirt

The Deadline: May 18th (yikes, just over a month!), so they’re ready for my honeymoon in Belize!!

The Equipment: My grandma’s crazy, scary, computerized sewing machine that I don’t actually know how to I smell a problem already?

In My Corner: Mom. I grew up sewing with her, but it’s all somehow much more frightening when she’s over 500 miles away. I hope she’s ready for all the desperate phone calls that are sure to come!

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