Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Stop - Fabric Store!

As I embark on this ill-conceived project, a trip to the fabric store doesn't really have a choice but to top the to-do list. So today, I grabbed my purse and my fiance (he loves me for this, of course) and ventured out to Hancock Fabrics. As a side note, I really would like to thank Hancock for their 50% linen fabrics and $1 pattern sales! At least I won't have wasted too much money when this all comes crashing down on me. I scooped up two yards each of five different linens (huge advantage of being child sized - you don't need nearly as much fabric!) that I can't wait to use and, after much digging, 10 patterns! Clearly, I got a little carried away with the patterns, but I was careful to make sure they were all "very easy" or "easy" - Mom should be proud. As it would turn out, the pattern options of today are far better than those of yester years when I would dig through them with Mom. Something else I learned: if you don't want to spend a significant portion of your Saturday afternoon talking to strangers in the fabric store, you need to avoid eye contact.

Am I crazy? Can I really do this? These patterns...look like real clothes...

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