Friday, August 20, 2010


Again at Daniel's suggestion, I went for some more instant-gratification projects and turned two of his button-down shirts that I don't think I've ever seen on him into casual skirts for me. Neither are quite finished since I was missing notions (can you imagine that?), but I'll get the finishing touches on them this weekend. Here's where they are so far:

Skirt front

Skirt back

As much as I really wanted the buttons/pockets in the front, once it was on I just liked the way everything laid with them in the back. It was matching thread that held up this process (that and a hook/bar closure), so I'll finish off the bottom with a straight hem, sew down the line of buttons so there are no surprises during wearing, attach the closure, and it will be ready to wear!

This one is much closer to being finished - it just needs the closure. I'm intentionally not showing you the darts in the back because they're off center. After many goes trying to get the darts in the right place and the correct length, I finally thought they looked good, but the skirt was just a little bit too big still. So, I decided to take in the sides, took the first one in a little too much so that I couldn't do the other, and now have lopsided darts in the back. I'm counting on no one noticing when it's on. Plus, it's such a casual skirt, I'm not too terribly concerned...somehow I can only get darts to go successfully when I end up deciding I don't want them...

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