Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Stash...

I don't know about you, but my stash is a living, breathing, and most importantly growing organism. At least, it was.

Daniel recently addressed my (not-so) clandestine relationship with, gave me a very disappointed frown, and guilted me into "going on a break" from that relationship (sound familiar, Friends fans?). I can feel my poor stash's breathing growing weaker as it inches toward suspended animation; I have two orders in the mail (tomorrow and Friday will be bittersweet days - the last two deliveries for quite some time), and am not allowed any more fabric purchases until I've finished every project I have fabric for...and that's a LOT:

12 Christmas presents - that's as specific as I'll get online ;)
Brown and ivory floral pattern dress
Red knit dress
Navy knit dress
Teal dress (can you tell I'm enjoying the dress making?)
Plaid jacket
Plaid coat
Gunmetal satin dress
Yellow knit top
Striped knit top
Golden knit top
Brown spaghetti strap shirt
Brick knit sweater
Blue shorts
Daniel's gold shorts
Daniels' green pants
Green button down for Daniel
Brown button down for Daniel
Yellow button down for me
Yellow button down for Sherry
Blue button down for me
Blue button down for Sherry
Burgundy pencil skirt for Sherry
Lilac suit for Sherry
Sand poplin button down for Sherry
Blue floral dress
Gold floral jewel neck shell for Sherry (suggestions on patterns? I can't find one I like)
White floral button down for Sherry
Tan suit for Sherry
Pink corduroy outfit for Citlali
Pillowcase dress for Citlali

...I think that's everything. I hope it is at least! Now, I know this makes me look like a serious stasher, but a considerable chunk of that fabric did come from my mom. I'm sure she will tell you what a sweet daughter I am to rescue her from 2/3 of her stash that's been growing since the 80s!

Geez! I need to get to work!

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