Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's clearly past time to share some finished products with you. A couple weeks ago I completed my first two dresses! I used Simplicity 2886, view A, for both with a guess-work full bust adjustment. Not a single book that I have for fitting talks about adjusting this kind of a bodice, but I made it happen.

This was the first one I made (you may remember that fabric from the earlier post that instigated my fitting research). Since I used such a light/thin cotton, I went ahead and added lining for the skirt. Looking back, that was a serious headache that I regret. With the pockets not actually being hidden in the side seams, I had to work out lining with the pocket yoke (nightmare when you're still trying to figure out how the dress goes together), and when all was said and done the lining made the skirt kind of bulky at the waist seam. It was my first encounter with the invisible zipper (which I love), I learned how to do a blind hem with my machine (which I also love, depending on the cooperativeness of the fabric), I played with some decorative stitches on the hem of my lining, and managed to have to sew nearly every seam twice. But, it was a great learning experience and the second dress went much more smoothly.

I definitely thought I had the stripes lined up at the fold when I cut the pieces, but I was rather obviously wrong. Oh well. I left out the skirt lining and made myself a slip to wear under it (much easier!!). I was contemplating a baby hem, but tried out the rolled hem on my serger instead and LOVE it! I used the white thread (all I have at the moment) and it works, but I keep thinking how great it would have been in a gold metallic thread to match the gold threads that run through the fabric.

They're both super comfy and cute on. You'll get pictures of them on when it's not so insanely hot!

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