Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lady Grey Update

I'm fully aware that I started my Lady Grey coat nearly two months ago...and it isn't finished. As a matter of fact, I don't believe I've touched it in almost a month.

Everything was going fine and I was trucking along for quite some time (largely due to the fact that I decided to forgo some of the more indepth tailoring since I'm not using heavy material), I finished my bound button holes (with Daniel's help), then WHAM! Disaster struck.

I am in love with my button holes (again, thanks to Daniel and his ability to draw straight lines). Since I couldn't find matching silk organza or a suitable substitute, I opted for the simplified bound button hole. I was so very happy with the result,

relieved that I decided to do fabric covered buttons with the lining fabric (super easy with the Dritz kit),

and thrilled with my beautiful top stitching

that it was a very long way to fall when I realized the mistake...

Yes, the button is on the wrong side of the front piece...on both of them. I've poured over the pattern and directions time and time again, but I can't figure out what I read incorrectly. I'm 99% sure it was my mistake since everyone else in the sew along seems to have gotten it correct...but I can't figure out how you would get to the correct placement from the pattern.

I have enough fabric to redo the front pieces, but I have no interest in ripping out allllll those seams (remember, top stitching everywhere) and starting over. So there it sits, half finished, an eye sore, and a huge bummer. I tried to just push through and managed to get most of my lining finished...but it's just such a downer that I've lost interest.

The worst part - I promised my sister I'd finish it before I visit at Thanksgiving so she could admire it and be jealous of what an incredible seamstress I am ;) Total fail?

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