Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while since I last posted as I've been frantically trying to wrap up a handful of projects, and it will probably be another short while until I post again.

I'm fully aware that it is only October 11th, but for those of us giving all handmade gifts, Christmas is right around the corner. I have wisely (ha) decided to undertake 20 projects before Christmas (and some of those before Thanksgiving to save on shipping), and have completed 4 3/4. I also have Halloween costumes to finish...before Halloween...and I have the Lady Grey Sew Along mixed in there as well.

Things are getting done though. I made the slip cover for our guest room (my sewing room/office) sofa bed:

I finished the bibs for the baby gift:

Ann is on her stand and ready for draping projects (that was more Daniel than me, but whatever):

And this is where I am on my Lady Grey coat:

All pieces are cut and serged, folded neatly, and sitting in a stack. My fusible interfacing should be here today (didn't realize I didn't have enough until I went to use it), so I'll probably start assembling tonight.
I made my first attempt at a bound buttonhole last night and while it definitely didn't come out presentable, I know what I did wrong and think my next attempt will go better. Once I'm happy with the outcome, I'll go ahead on the jacket.
I'm also not sold on my button choice. I had no idea what to do, so I just picked up something that would "work" to fill the space. Maybe I should try a fabric covered button to match either the shell or lining? Thoughts? Suggestions?

In my "finished" stack there are also those presents that are finished, but I can't post pictures...I believe in surprise too much to risk having to make something else just because the cat got out of the bag ;)

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